6 word memoir doodle 

The doodles we did today were very insterestig to say the least. It was easier to draw doodles and make a relation when the picture behind the text was interesting. The six word memoirs were very vague and random. 

I learned there’s more to six word memoirs then I thought. The second video about how to make one offered tips and hints, and made me realize they’re more challenging then just six words put together. Tips to get inspired, creative, and to be more personal are very helpful in learning more about six word memoirs.


DIY role model

1) Indie Pyzel, lives in Hawaii and her family owns a surf shop, her outgoing personality and love for the environment is inspiring.
2) Jack Germain, self made photographer that’s all about the good vibes. From the heart of California, living in Maui, he shoots surfing and cliff jumping and skateboarding, making his way to movie producing and professional photos.
3) Same Larson, is an artist that freehand draws landscapes of nature like mountains and draws animals like wolfs. Instagram: samlarson
4) My friend Christian Higham that just made u18 team Canada for hockey, she’s worked so hard to get to where she is now.
5) My sister, her hard work in the gym has paid off and she’s lost about 50 pounds in the past few months. Her outgoing and passionate personality.